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When taking the kids out to dinner, think outside the (pizza) box

Vegetarian Falafel from To Beirut, Lebanese and Middle Eastern Food Norwood, MA

It’s a scientific fact: Kids love to dip food in other food. Indulge the impulse at To Beirut in Norwood. The Middle Eastern restaurant serves astonishingly good...more

Restaurant Q&A: Aziz Elias Habr of To Beirut


You’ll see Aziz Elias Habr, son of the owners of To Beirut, at the restaurant almost every day, running their day-to-day operations and conjuring new dishes.

Traditional Lebanese food in Norwood

To Beirut Lebanese and Middle Eastern Food in Norwood, MA

The lively parsley salad tabbouli, a staple all over the Middle East, is an ancient dish (except for the tomatoes), as is hummus, baba ghanouj, meat on a spit, meat on a skewer, flatbread, and salad made with toasted stale bread. The fact that this food has survived for centuries is a testament to the families who have faithfully taught the dishes to each new generation.

-Boston.com September 2012